Alessandra Montana | studio
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SUHUY Multi vibrational therapy

Sound bath

This therapy is based on the power of sound and vibrations to restore body, mind and spirit creating a sense of balance, harmony and peace. Sounds can change the rhythms of the brain waves, heart beat and respiration affecting the overall health not just on a physical level, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

SUHUY sound healing involves the application of intentional sound waves and harmonic vibrations to the physical and subtle body through the use of several sound instruments with a focus on quartz, crystal and tibetan bowls,chinese gongs, mayan shells, didgeridoo, human voice and other shamanic instruments to restore the inner balance.

If we understand and accept the fact that sounds are vibrations and that vibrations touch each part of our physical being, we will understand that not only we hear sounds through our ears but as well through each cell of our body. This is one of the reason why healing vibrations sounds heal the physical level by deeply touching and transforming our emotions , our mind and our spiritual level.

Her love for music started at a very young age but it was never pursued until she embraced the art of chanting and playing harmonium with her beloved teacher Saul David Raye in 2014. The harmonium was her first step into the magic of sounds and helping vibration.
Alessandra discovered her love for quartz bowls in 2010 , right before she moved to Tulum, Mexico . At that time her life change didn’t allow her to carry along such a delicate instrument but she was sure that if this was her path , it will come back at the right time. And so it all came together in 2015 when she started to study and deepen into quartz bowls.

In the summer of 2015 , Alessandra met Kaly Perez, a gong teacher from Argentina , who awoke her love for the chinese gongs and shortly after they joined the sounds of quartz bowls , harmonium. This love guided Alessandra to an ashram in New York where she went deeper into the study of the gongs with Don Conreaux ( a 82 years old master teacher of kundalini and gongs) , the sounds of quartz bowls with the Sage Academy of Sounds and Nada Yoga with Baird Hersey.

“The Inner Sacred Sound” is designed to connect with our inner sacred sound and our inner divine light by allowing the vibrations to penetrate in our body. As we experience these vibrations, we come together with the eternal and the infinite , reaching a deep state of peace , balance and love in our body, mind and heart.