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Alessandra Montana & special guest teachers Don Conreaux & Jens Zygar

Sound Sessions are becoming more and more appreciated and requested to sooth mind, body and spirit for ourselves, to create gatherings or to  wonderfully compliment other healing modalities. 

A comprehensive approach to the sacred sounds of the Universe 

6 weekly Zoom classes  – 25 hours – 4 elements

Intentionally created for everyone who has been called into the journey of sacred vibrations of the Universe .

What’s Included

  • What is Sound Healing?
  • The science & benefits behind Sound Healing
  • Mastery teachings of the Gong – Level 1
  • 1 hr Master class with Don Conreaux
  • 3 hr  Master class with Jens Zygar
  • Gong strokes – Level 1
  • Shamanic drum – Level 1
  • Crystal instruments
  • Shruti
  • Koshi
  • The importance of Sankalpa
  • Chakras and notes
  • Rituals of cleansing and preparing the space
  • How to create the sacred connection with instruments
  • How to connect prior to engage with the instruments
  •  Sound therapy as a self practice 
  • How to create a sound healing journey to give people a profound experience

Why to become a Sound Healer ? 

  • to  soothe your days to release the stress of the day
  • to gather friends in circles  and celebrate
  • to harmonize your house
  • to create sound healing journey, gong baths, sound meditations , chakra balancing
  • to upgrade yoga and meditation classes to take students into a deeper connection and relaxation .
  • to enhance the power of transcendental  meditation classes & practices
  • to take yoga classes to the next level
  • to improve sound healing self studies
  •  to enhance the healing process during bodies therapies.

AFTER THIS COURSE you will be  able 

  • to offer an effective and correct  multi instrumental sound healing journeys ,  gong baths , crystal instruments journeys .
  • to offer yourself and your family a relaxing moment of coming together
  • to create your sound mediation to calm the mind and soother the spirit
  • to rise the vibration
  • to establish a sacred connections with your instruments with rituals and intentions
  • to deepen in your own spiritual journey



  • Gong strokes video
  • Crystal bowls video
  • Crystal Pyramid video
  • Membership to closed Facebook/Whatsapp group for Q&R
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • How to apply sound healing to yoga classes


(files will be emailed upon registration )

Basic knowledge of the nervous system which includes

  • Central & Peripheral Nervous System  ( CNS + PNS)
  • Somatic & Automatic Nervous System
  • Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System



Register before then end of October to receive a 100.00 usd early bird discount

Regular rate 770.00 usd / Early bird 670.00 usd

Don Conreaux

Don Conreaux formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat.

Don also studied the gong writings of Dane Rudhyar. He established the Nanak Dwara Ashram Teacher Training 1970-1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. His very first teacher as a Teenager in 1952 was Paramahansa Yogananda, receiving his Kriya Initiation  in 1953.He continued leading gong baths until 1992, when he began his  international travels, teaching the philosophy of gong consciousness and training gong masters to carry on the great work of the gong.It was also in the early 1980s that  he developed the present form of Gong Masters Yoga.

Don Conreaux originated: The Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance, the title of Gong Master, Gong Therapy, The Gong Bath, The Gong Puja, Spiritual Free Jazz, and Songs and Concerts for Humanity.

Today in his late 80th years he continues to teach the art and science of Sacred Geometry, divination, and designs World Peace Gong & Bell Gardens of which there are now six established Internationally. All are dedicated to the coming first day of World Peace, Planetary Cooperation in a world without violence for our children of the New Millennium.

Alessandra Montana

Alessandra Montana is a yoga teacher, a sound and reiki therapist and a vibrational alchemist.

In 2008 Alessandra began practicing and training in Bhakti Yoga with Saul David Raye and Vinyasa with Shiva Rea.

In 2010, Alessandra started her journey into Mayan Culture and Shamanic traditions that soon were incorporated into her life style and teachings.

In 2012 Alessandra took on the studies with pioneers in sound experiences including Don Conreaux, Methab Benton, Philippe Garnier, Lea Garnier, Richard Rubis, Tito La Rosa, Ramji Singh, Silvia Nakkach and Baird Hersey.

In 2018, Alessandra started assisting her teachers Philippe Garnier and the Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux during Gong training and as well she stared to offer Sound Healing, Mayan Vibrations and Gong Nidra trainings.

In 2019, she started her journey into the study of Gong Mastery with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Gong Nidra with Master Methab Benton .

Her work has been mentioned in Yoga Journal, New York Times and Vogue Italia/ Vogue man issue and she offered sessions for Grateful Dead, Dave Matthew Band, The Cannes Festival ( to mention few)

Jens Zygar

His passion for music started at a very early age. In 1986 he founded the Klanghaus, an institute for sound research and performance arts to develop methods of application in the field of meditative natural sound music. Acquaintance with the author Hans Cousto, Jens Zygar inspired the idea of ​​a new type of gong, the planetary gongs , symphonic gongs with tuned frequencies that correspond to the octave-analog correspondences of the orbits of the planets of the solar system.

The instruments were made with the help of the German-Swiss gong building company Paiste and were presented for the first time in 1989 in Switzerland where he met composer and musician Steve Schroyder with whom he  founded the Star Sounds Orchestra (SSO), an instrumental duo dedicated to the implementation of the harmonic ideas of the cosmic octave.

Parallel to his work as the founder, musician, protagonist and manager of the Star Sounds Orchestra, Jens Zygar devoted himself intensively to the theory and practice of playing the gong.