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Intentionally created for everyone who has been called into the journey of sacred vibrations of the Universe.

This one-of-a-kind comprehensive sound training is offered in a retreat format twice a year. Only a few students will be admitted to this experience to allow a very detailed assistance to each of the participants.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the potent wisdom Alessandra has collected throughout all her years of studies and above all, throughout her personal experience and evolution within the wonderful world of Sound & Vibrational alchemy.

Leave this training feeling confident in your connection to sacred sounds of the Universe and in your ability to embody a sacred approach to this sacred alchemy.

Feel yourself melding with the instruments. Strengthen the relationship between your soul and the sacred vibrations, moving into divine union.

What To Expect:

9 intensive days immersed in the sounds of nature and deepening into sounds and vibrations to assimilate the beautiful alchemy of sound healing through the understanding and practice of each instrument.

Through this experience you will not only learn how to create that sacred connection with the instruments and the energy they carry but also how to activate your instruments, how to create sacred space, how to cleanse the space.

We will merge into the studies of Gongs, Crystal Instruments and more but as well what it is behind the magic of Sound Healing, a beautiful vibrational medicine that is becoming more and more appreciated and requested to soothe mind, body and spirit for ourselves, to create gatherings or to  wonderfully compliment other healing modalities.

We will explore theory, science behind Sound Healing, benefits and techniques and as well we will  dedicate a lot of time to practice to allow you to feel confident and inspired in carrying this alchemy into your life to create sacred space for you, your family, friends and your community.

Our last full day together we will experience an ultimate sound healing journey.

This is an exclusive and transformational experience, where crystal sounds & vibrations will merge together with the ones of the womb of Mother Earth.

Receive the the vibrations of an untouched, underground cave where rivers of virgin water flow slowly among stalactites and stalagmites.

Here, embraced by the Earth, we will experience the power of resonance through a deep experience of mediation and wrapped by a vibrational blanket of a crystal sound journey.

Why Become A Sound Healer?

  • to soothe your days to release the stress of the day
  • to gather friends in circles and celebrate
  • to harmonize your house
  • to create sound healing journeys, gong baths, sound meditations , chakra balancing
  • to upgrade yoga and meditation classes to take students into a deeper connection and relaxation .
  • to enhance the power of transcendental meditation classes & practices
  • to take yoga classes to the next level
  • to improve sound healing self studies
  •  to enhance the healing process during body therapies.

After This Course You’ll Be Able To:

  • offer an effective and correct multi-instrumental sound healing journeys
  • offer yourself and your family a relaxing moment of coming together
  • create your sound mediation to calm the mind and soother the spirit
  • raise the vibration
  • establish a sacred connections with your instruments with rituals and intentions
  • deepen in your own spiritual journey

Ready to raise your vibration?

2022 Dates : March 2022 – SOLD OUT + November 2022 ( only 1 spot left )

2023 Dates: March 2023 + November 2023

Please contact me directly for rates and lodging.

PLEASE NOTE: Very Limited Availability