Alessandra Montana | Yoga
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Staying true to the principles of Atma Yoga, Alessandra’s classes are open to all levels of students and include pranayama, mantras, sound healing and meditation.

Embracing the influence of Tantra &  Bhakti Yoga and as well all her experiences that benefited her personal experience, Alessandra focuses her classes on the main different between doing yoga and feeling yoga and on how to practice from the nectar we have inside.

Emphasizing the Breath as a way to activate the connection with the inner guidance and as a way to open the Heart and bring all the levels of the being to balance.

Every pose and every breath is like an offering to the Higher Source and to all that is. Asanas as extensions of our breath.

Applying the ” 5 Pancha Kosha” structure of our being through the practice, Alessandra guides the students to connect to a deeper level of yoga that goes beyond the physical level. Connecting the physical, pranic, emotional, mental and ananda levels to come into union with ourselves through the practice of Yoga.

Alessandra’s classes are open to all levels and they can be experienced privately in your villa or hotel or publicly at Sanara’ Tulum.


Sensorial Yoga

90 minutes


Sensorial Yoga
When yoga is a feeling
Vinyasa & Gong

Thursdays 10:15am
Sanará Tulum

Public classes are temporarily with limited availability. Please enquire at

Heart Flow: the art of Vinyasa & Sound Healing

90 minutes

Private and Public

A practice that support the awakening of our true potential and capacity to peacefully surrendering in the present moment.

Blending traditions and techniques to support the awakening of our true potential and the capacity to stay in balance in the asanas but above all in the heart.

Playing with mixing power a softness to reactivate the flow of the vital energy from the center of our Heart (desde el centro del corazón)

The magical alchemy of sacred sound and vibrations  will soothe the Spirits in a vibrational savasana that will prepare for a final ride into the depth of a silent and contemplative meditation .

Yoga Nidra & Crystal Magics

75 minutes

Private and Public

A class for all levels and all senses. A powerful technique in which the student focus to relax consciously.Yoga Nidra comes from the tantras with the purpose to guides the students into into a state of dynamic, deep, aware sleep. An experience of inducing complete physical mental and emotional relaxation. Students appear to be asleep but yet awake while the consciousness is functioning to a deeper level of awareness.The state of relaxation is reaching by going inwards, away from outer experiences.

Yoga Nidra is one aspect of Pratyahara: the state where the mind and mental awareness are dissociated from the sensory channels that leads to higher state of concentration and Samadhi. Crystal magic sounds and vibrations will guide our senses within while organic essential oils or copal will soothe us into a deep state of relaxation of body, mind and spirit. A treat for all senses.

Gong Nidra

75 minutes

Private and Public

Gong Nidra is a class that creates relaxation in a very profound way. Combining the therapeutic Gong Therapy and the guided process know as Yoga Nidra or yogi sleep as taught by Master Methab Benton.

A powerful process for therapeutic change into the state of the mind , purifying the  samskaras and eliminating habit patterns that are the root causes of stress and inability to relax.

Through a process that creates a steady and hypnogogic rhythm the mind of the student will be guided into a still state of  the mind state.