Alessandra Montana | Spring – Summer 2023 Training & Classes
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Spring – Summer 2023 Training & Classes

Spring – Summer 2023 Training & Classes


Gong Training Level 3- Only for returning students or with gong previous studies. 6 days designed to guide previous students or anyone who already embraced the studies of the gong to go deeper into the alchemy of the gongs. Working together and individually to incorporate new techniques , rituals and energy work to the Gong to take your practice to a more profound connection with the Universe within the Gong. We will also learn how to play Gong Puja and we will be playing under the stars in front of a temple in the jungle to close this week of vibrational healing.

Bookings & Info:

18/25 MARCH 2023 JOURNEY INTO WHOLENESS : A SOUND HEALING COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING – Tulum, Mexico Sound Healing Training Level 1/2   

Bi-annual experience that will guide and merge you into the discovery and learning process of the Power of Sacred Sounds and Vibrations to bring healing and transformation into your life and of others.  7 days designed through intensive days of theory, training, practice, meditation, profound transmutation and connection to the source within us, to develop your own skills and inner vibration to become a conscious Agent of Healing through Sounds.



24/29 MAY 2023 GONG SHAMANIQUE: Techniques, Rituals & Magic – Abbey de Valsaintes , Haute Provence – France

Pour ces 5 jours de formation, nous nous familiarisons avec les phrasés & paysages sonores de Philippe et Alessandra ainsi que dans la lignée des Grands Maîtres Gong. Nous enseignerons l’art de créer un Bain de Gong pour un groupe ainsi que pour une session individuelle. Nous ferons aussi l’expérience de notre propre transformation grâce aux transmissions “Gongic” offertes par les différents rituels et cérémonies d’Alessandra Montana & Philippe Garnier. All levels

Info : Philippe

Bookings  Charlotte   


A gong workshop 

Organizzato da Bagni di Gong Torino  Info & Bookings : Max Palin 3343018572

Immersi nei suoni e vibrazioni sacre del Gong, passeremo 2 giorni insieme navigando il mondo del gong e il suo potere alchemico.Attraverso un’introduzione alla scienza dietro il potere di guarigione dei suoni e un’immersione su come percorrere il cammino del Gong.Ci apriremo al riconoscimento del gong non solo attraverso la parte tecnica ma anche attraverso il processo di apprendimento del ruolo che gioca l’unione del corpo, dell’energia e del cuore aldilà della mente.Scienza, tecniche e rituali per un workshop dove la legge universale “As above, so below, so within so without, as the universe so the soul” ne è la guida principale .Non solo approfondiremo la parte tecnica del Gong e come suonarlo ma ci focalizzeremo su come la nostra energia e il nostro cuore il motore di questo cammino. Imparare a come lasciarsi andare tra le onde del gong conoscendo le tecniche per poi dimenticarle nella danza dell’energia cosmica del gong. ll ruolo energetico nella danza cosmica del gong (Ricezione, trasmutazione e amplificazione). “Attraverso gli occhi di una donna” nasce dal desiderio di condividere il mio cammino del gong , il modo in cui l energia femminile e il potere del gong mi ha trasformato battito dopo battito, passo dopo passo per poter trasformare anche gli altri, per poter abbracciare il cammino alchemico del gong dove tecniche, rituali, respiro, battito del cuore e vibrazione dell’anima diventano uno. Dove il tutto è uno e l’uno è il tutto. 2 giorni di workshop nella magia del gong attraverso l’energia femminile. All Levels 

1/2 JULY 2023 

THE PATH OF THE GONG THROUGH THE EYES AND HEART OF A WOMAN – Paris, France  Studio: Mayashala – Paris 11eme

Gong Workshop Bookings & Info: 

Immersed in the sacred sounds and vibrations of the Gong, we will spend 2 days together navigating the world of the gong and its alchemical power.
Through an introduction to the science behind the healing power of sounds and an immersion in how to walk the path of Gong.We will open ourselves to the recognition of gong not only through the technical part but also through the process of learning the role that the union of body, energy and heart plays beyond the mind.Science, techniques and rituals for a workshop where the universal law "As above, so below, so within so without, as the universe so the soul" is the main guide.Not only will we deepen the technical part of the Gong and how to play it but we will focus on how our energy and our heart are the engine of this journey.Learn how to let yourself go in the waves of the gong knowing the techniques and then forget them in the dance of the cosmic energy of the gong.The energetic role in the cosmic dance of the gong (Reception, transmutation and amplification). "Through a Woman's Eyes" was born out of a desire to share my gong journey, the way feminine energy and the power of gong transformed me beat by beat, step by step so I could transform others too, so I could embrace the alchemical path of gong where techniques, rituals, breath, heartbeat and soul vibration become one. Where all is one and one is all.2 days of workshop in the magic of gong through feminine energy. All levels