Alessandra Montana | Sounds
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Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment that is catalyst to heal in the physical, mental, emotional or/and spiritual aspect pf our being. Sound Healing is the medicine to bring the body back to that original state of calm and peace.

Alessandra’s private sessions fuse together the magic of Sound Healing and the therapeutic effects of Sounds & Vibrations to restore the peaceful state of the mind. Through sound therapies, we can experience a deep mental and physical relaxation that increase the parasympathetic nervous system decreasing, first of all, the stress level creating a sense of natural peace and sense of lightness in the body and mind.

Sounds and Vibrations have a tremendous influence over human functionality as sound touches and influences the emotions liken other source of input or expression. Sounds and Vibrations are nutrients for the nervous system, a “medicine” to recreate that natural and calm state of the mind, body and soul.

A way to detox from the daily mind trash and negative mind driven and shift into a a deep mental and physical relaxation.

A sense of surrendering , letting go, lightness and lost of ego will allow and support the process of merging with our true vibrations in the peace of the heart and mind. Allowing all the mental troubles to dissolve in the infinity of the Universe.


Multi Vibrational Sound Alchemy Therapeutic  Session

60 minutes | Private session only

A session born by the fusion of Alessandra’s journey into Sounds and Vibrations, merging together the relaxing and calming effect of a sound bath and the therapeutical use of sounds and vibrations. A deep vibrational massage through a continuous , deep and vibrational wave that by flowing through the depth of the levels of the body, including muscles and bones, will carry the healing. The focus of this sessions are Tibetan Bowls, placed and stroked on top of your body to lead you lead into a state where the mind can rest and the body can heal, and Singing Crystal Quartz Pyramid to amplify the energy, increase the healing process and release blocks within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Gong bath will lead into the final healing where everything will dissolve into the Infinity of the Universe.

Stress, anxiety,cronic tireness, depression, lumbar pain, cervical,sciatica, sleep issues, lack of focus, manifesting intention, chakra alignment,enhance meditation, raise vibration and connect with your higher self.

A Multi Vibrational Journey: a Sound Healing Experience

75 minutes | public or private

Alessandra Sound Healing session is based on the power of sound and vibrations. Sounds and vibrational waves generated  by several ancient sound instruments like Gongs, Crystal Sining Bowls & Pyramids, Tibetans Bowls,Shells, Mayan instruments  and other vibrational instruments are used to create an overall sense of relaxation.

Dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety and  taking you into a place of acceptance, balance and peace.

Sounds can change the rhythms of the brain waves, heart beat and respiration affecting the overall health not just on a physical level, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Public Session – SANARA’ TULUM –  Friday 7.15 pm

Gong Bath

45 minutes | public or private

The Gong is the most resonant tone-producing instrument known.

Its Sound reflection can be sensed almost as a vibrational echo within all the cells of the body.

Gongs create a sense of fullness and and yet emptiness where balance can be felt .

A vibrational shower felt at bones and cellular level resetting the mind.

An expansion of wholeness and awareness. A great benefit for the nervous system and immune stye and all the physical illness related, including chronic inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress.

Public Session – SANARA’ TULUM –  Saturday 7.15 pm

Vibrational Crystal Healing

50 minutes

Private session only

A Crystal Sound Bath, where Crystal Singing Bowls are integrated with the amazing healing vibrations of a Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid and energy work. Your body, mind and soul will feel rejuvenated, your emotions and chakras balanced as you deep yourself into the realm of special crystal tools. Aroma therapy and energy work will be applied during the session.

Sacred Geometry and Vibrations are coming together bridging the transformative sound of resonating pure quartz crystal with the power of sacred geometry and the Pythagorean Pyramid.

Sound healing from the Crystal Pyramid works on the cellular level to release blocks within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.Crystal Pyramids resonate with the power of sacred geometry to create a transformative sound with a own unique combination of harmonics.

Gong Nidra

75 minutes

Private and Public

More information about this session coming soon