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Sound Healing, or any type of therapy using sounds and vibrations, is the intentional use of sound to create an environment tat is catalyst to heal in the physical, mental, emotional or/and spiritual aspect pf our being. Sound Healing is the medicine to bring the body back to that original state of calm and peace. Through sound therapies, we can experience a deep mental and physical relaxation that increase the parasympathetic nervous system decreasing, first of all, the stress level. Sounds and Vibrations are nutrients for the nervous system. Our capacity to hear is a mega-portal to the brain an sonic tools empower health, learning and producivity.

Gong Bath

45 minutes

Gong Bath

45 minutes

SUHUY (sa-gra-do)

Alessandra Montana & Beto Cuevas Machorro

SUHUY by its Mayan definition means sacred. A project that embodies the belief that everything is alive, a vibration, and all is sacred manifestation of a higher divine element.

SUHUY was born in the Yucatan peninsula, at the Santa Clara de las Hadas in the early 2015.
During a Full moon meditation under a Ceba tree, where a clear message was received to bring together healing vibrations to heal the body and the Soul in the name of sacred elements and vibrations.

During this meditation, Alessandra visioned clearly the key points of this project … the Ceiba tree , the sacred mayan tree that connects the Sky to the Earth, the Mayan word sacred and the flower of life as the symbol of this project and what this project will embody.

SUHUY (sa-gra-do) Medicina para Cuerpo y Alma is based on the power of sound and vibrations to restore body, mind and spirit creating a sense of balance, harmony and peace. Sounds can change the rhythms of the brain waves, heart beat and respiration affecting the overall health not just on a physical level, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

SUHUY is a project conceived By Alessandra Montana with the constant and priceless collaboration of Beto Cuevas Machorro, partner and angel.


SUHUY multi vibrational Journey is based on the power of sound and vibrations to restore body, mind and spirit creating a sense of balance, harmony and peace. Sounds can change the rhythms of the brain waves, heart beat and respiration affecting the overall health not just on a physical level, but emotionally and spiritually as well.
Take advantage of all the benefits of a Sound Bath with Alessandra and Beto in a private set up with candle lights and copal.

During the private session you will perceive a deeper depth of the magic power of sound and vibrations. A full Sound Healing experience with Gongs, Crystal bowls, sacred geometry crystal instruments, mayan trumpet and others. A special attention will be given to the individual energy field to determine how to use the sounds to balance your emotions. Aroma therapy and energy work like reiki and cranium sacral  might be applied.

Private or group experience
75 minutes




Sound Healing or Sound Bath are terms that are used to introduce sessions that uses the power of sound and vibrations to restore body, mind and spirit. During our 75 minutes group session,  the sounds and vibrational waves generated  by several ancient sound instruments like gongs, crystal bowls, Crystal Pyramids, Mayan shells and other vibrational instruments are used to create an overall sense of relaxation . Dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety and  taking you into a place of acceptance, balance and peace.

public or private
75 minutes



During this 1 hour session with Alessandra, you will experience the specific therapeutically benefits of sounds and vibrations. While during a Sound Bath or Sound Healing you address the overall energy field, with Sound Therapy you want to address a specific discomfort or a specific part of your body and find healing with vibrations. We will use the magic healing power of ancients instruments like professional Tibetan Bowls that, differently from Sound Healing, will be placed and stroked on top of your body to create a continuous , deep and vibrational wave that by flowing through the depth of the levels of  your body including muscles  and bones will carry the healing. You will be lead you into a state where the mind can rest and the body can heal. Essential organic oils will be used for your senses.
Strongly suggested after traveling (back and deep relax techniques), back and lower back issues, neck, cervical , joints, sciatica and of course any symptoms caused by a stressed or rushed urban life.

If any chronic or strong discomfort 3 sessions are suggested for a deeper healing-
If 2 people desire to receive the therapy at the same time, the same  therapy will need to be chosen. When the therapy will be for 2 people , Beto Cuevas Machorro will join to be able to offer the sessions at the same time and using the same vibrational sounds.  Allowing the harmonization to be not only individual but also for the relation between the ones receiving.

private session only
50 minutes



During this session Alessandra is integrating the amazing healing vibrations of a Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid and energy work. Your body, mind and soul will feel rejuvenated, your emotions and chakras balanced as you deep yourself into the realm of special crystal tools. Aroma therapy and energy work will be applied during the session.

Sacred Geometry and Vibrations are coming together bridging the transformative sound of resonating pure quartz crystal with the power of sacred geometry and the Pythagorean Pyramid.

Sound healing from the Crystal Pyramid works on the cellular level to release blocks within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.Crystal Pyramids resonate with the power of sacred geometry to create a transformative sound with a own unique combination of harmonics.

Experiencing the Crystal Pyramid during a healing session is electrifying and transcendent. Its resonance is simply mesmerizing, almost hypnotic, a sound that entrances.

private session only
30 minutes

Benefits of Healing with Crystal Quartz Pyramid:

  • Reduces Pain
  • Shortens Healing Time
  • Reduces Stress
  • Opens 3rd Eye Chakra
  • Clearing
  • Clears Your Mind
  • Restores Energy and Balance Focuses
  • Energy for Manifestation
  • Aligns and Strengthens Mind, Body and Spirit


Attention!!!!! Deep feelings of peace and joy can be felt. Enter at your own risk!