Alessandra Montana | Sacred Waters Retreat – June 16/21 – 2021. Tulum, Mexico
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Sacred Waters Retreat – June 16/21 – 2021. Tulum, Mexico

A co-created experience that brings together yoga classes. meditations, sound sessions, fire blessing, mayan rituals and shamanic practices for everyday life, circles and classes, ceremonies. experience in private cave with untouchedsubterranean river and cenotes, a secluded location in the biosphere of Sian Kaan, Summer to prepare us  for a Solstice Sunrise Ceremony.

Sacred Waters retreat is a journey of discovery, healing and empowerment for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

We will begin the retreat in Tulum, where you will experience the magnificent and powerful beauty of virgin subterranean waters.

Touring, among stalagmites and stalactites, a private cave and swimming in virgin waters to prepare our body and heart resonance to receive a sacred water ceremony and a sound journey.

And as well a day in nature in sacred land where we will do yoga, receive a gong bath surrounded by a temple and sacred land.

Nourishment for the body,  heart and Soul.

By boat, we will  move deeper into nature, to Xo Ki’in, eco-retreat centre inside the UNESCO site of Sian Ka’an Biosphere, where we will work with the mayan energy of the day with yoga, sound healing, sunrise sound meditations, ceremonies & rituals.

Resting into the natural sound of nature, of the sea and lagoon to soothe our senses.

Connecting to rebooting into a more balanced and hamounious state of mind and heart . A gesture of self-love.

6 days Sacred Waters Retreat

EARLY BIRD ( ends May 15) USD$ 1400 – USD$ 1650 afterwards

50% deposit required to reserve your place

Balance to settle by June 1st


Cave Experience & transport to/from

Entrance to the Temple & transportation to/from

Transport from/to Tulum – Xo Ki’in Retreat Center

Accommodation and meals at Xo Ki’in Retreat Centre

Sunrise sound meditation


Sound Healing

Ceremonies Mayan Teachings Excursions Shamanic workshops


Not included: air travel, airport transfers, lodging and food for June 16 + 17 and anything else not specified above.

Cinzia Sarigu

Cinzia Sarigu, Founder of Ixchel Healing Arts, is a medicine woman and shamanic teacher with over 20 years experience.

A natural born dreamer, from an early age she’s been speaking to the ones in spirit, and helps others to connect to extra sensorial dimensions.

Cinzia is also a permaculture designer and teacher and, over the years, has founded many community projects and regenerative initiatives in the UK, Italy, Mexico and Guatemala.

A background in social and environmental activism led her to live and work with Mayan communities, where she was initiated as a Day Keeper; over the years she also trained with Toltec wisdom keepers.

Cinzia specializes in dream work, ceremonial arts, Mexican shamanic healing, earth based spirituality, psychic channelling and Mayan Mysteries.

Cinzia helps people find their path through life and develop their own gifts.

The foundation of her work comes from a lifelong deep connection to nature and to the spirit world.

Cinzia teaches internationally and leads mystical retreats in Avalon, Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Alessandra Montana

Alessandra Montana is a Sound Keeper, Yoga teacher and Reiki master, deeply connected with the Energy of Mother Earth and with a soulful interest for indigenous traditions, old times fairy tales and angels.

Born in Italy but spent the past 27 years living between Paris, London, Los Angeles and Mexico.

After 18 years in the fashion business, in 2008 she decided to quit her comfortable – but yet very empty – fashion director position to explore herself to a deeper level and follow her own dreams.

Yoga was the facilitator of the big shift in Alessandra’s life.

Alessandra certified in Bhakti and Hatha Yoga ( Shiva Rea and Saul David Raye ). Yoga and Kirtan were her doorway into the magic Universe of Sound and Vibrations.

After finishing her training in Bhakti and Hatha, Alessandra took on the studies with pioneers in sound experiences. Initiated to the magic of the Gong by Don Conreaux (Gong Grand Master ) who became her guidance, inspiration and her continuous point of reference. She continued her studies with Philippe Garnier and Richard Rubis to mention a few.

During her growth in the Gong field, she started assisting her teachers and as well under the blessings of the Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux , she started offering Sound Healing and Gong Training to share the wisdom & Gong legacy received by Baba by training others in merging into the journey of sounds and vibrations with awareness and heart power.

She travels and works in Mexico, Los Angeles and Europe.

Her work has been mentioned in Yoga Journal USA, 66 minutes ( M6- French television), NewYork Times, Vogue Uomo ( Italy) to mention a few and she was chosen as sound therapist for Grateful Dead , Matthews Band and the Phish.

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