Alessandra Montana | GONG PUJA – SPRING EQUINOX – All night Ceremony. March 20th. 2021, Sanará, Tulum
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GONG PUJA – SPRING EQUINOX – All night Ceremony. March 20th. 2021, Sanará, Tulum


All night gonging or Gong Puja is a sound ceremony that was born with the intention of deep healing.

It was created by Don Conreaux when he was asked by Y.B. to perform 10 gong sessions of 45 minutes each to heal his son who couldn’t talk. The 10 individual sessions became one session of 450 minutes or 7 hours and 30 minutes of a continuous gong playing.

It s a long and amazing experience as we wait for the sun to rise from the ocean and enjoy a delicious breakfast at THE REAL COCONUT

Saturday March 20th, 2021. Sanará Tulum

Welcoming the Spring Equinox, balancing darkness and light in a moment when we are reminded to shift into balance.

” We are constantly adjusting up and up and away into higher and higher dimensions…. leading up towards the MARCH EQUINOX GATEWAY PORTAL which will be life-changing for most of us.

We are still in the healing mode of old traumas and wounds, but now in March we can start moving SLOWLY towards our new life! SLOWLY but surely…

We don’t need to worry about the old, it is crumbling and with every step you take towards your new aligned lifestyle.

So adjust that mirror to focus on the new every day… but deal with the old as it comes up. But do not judge or focus or worry about the old as it will be moved out as your vibration goes up and up as you continue to CREATE THE NEW, and HEAL THE OLD!!!” @earth.1111

Alessandra Montana & Paramatma Siri Sadhana