Alessandra Montana | Bio
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Born and grew up in Milano – Italia- but have been living abroad for the past 24 years. After London, Paris and Venice Beach CA, she’s been currently living in Tulum Mexico. Alessandra Montana is a Yoga teacher, a Sound Therapist -or even better simply said Sound keeper-, deeply connected with the Energy of Mother Earth and with a soulful interest for indigenous traditions and old times fairy tales.

Graduated with a degree in history and literature in foreign languages, after the death of her mom, she decided to put her own dreams on hold in order to replace her in the family fashion business. Soon she was collaborating with major fashion companies in Italy and Europe, and this led to her living in Paris, London and eventually Los Angeles, where, taking a leap of faith, she moved to in 1995. She lived in California (Venice Beach and Santa Monica) for 15 years working as Director of International Sales for few different fashion companies, carrier that she decided to let go in 2008 to step into the unknown, re-create a new chapter of the journey called life and follow her own dreams.

Alessandra yoga’s journey started in 1999 when without knowing anything about yoga , she walked into her first yoga class. Her journey into Yoga was inevitable and already started without, clearly, her knowing. Alessandra began practicing Yoga with Saul David Raye as a way to release the stresses of American corporate life and, soon after, she started to organize her busy working days around her yoga schedule. Few months after her last day as corporate America, she started studying full time with Saul David Raye and embraced Bhakti Yoga (yoga of the Devotion) and Atma Yoga (Spirit in Sanskrit), offering all her thoughts and actions to a higher power as a source of help and guidance.

Finishing her initial yoga certification in Atma Yoga through Yoga Alliance, she went on to study with Micheline Berry and Shiva Rea, developing her skills into a Vinyasa Flow Practice that embraces the movement of the body as expression and release of the soul. She followed as well the teachings of Mark Whitwell and Eric Shiffmann.

In 2010 , Alessandra moved to Tulum where she started teaching full time. During the same year, Alessandra started her journey into Mayan Culture and Shamanic traditions that soon were incorporated into her life style and teachings and she was initiated “mujer de fuego” (woman of the fire) based on the Mayan tradition.

In 2011, she certified as a Reiki therapist and she started using these energetic techniques during her private sessions of yoga and later on during her healing therapies. One of her big love is music , a passion that started at an early age but manifested only in 2012 when Alessandra expanded her vision into the magic world of sounds and vibrations. and she started to share this wonderful medicine of overtones and magic through the magic powers of the Gong, Tibetan and crystal bowls, crystal pyramids, harmonium to mention few. Fully in love with this part of her journey, Alessandra took on the studies with pioneers in sound experiences including Don Conreaux, Richard Rubis, Tito La Rosa, Philippe Garnier, Lea Garnier, Ramji Singh, Silvia Nakkach and Baird Hersey. 5 years later, Alessandra certified as a sound therapist. She, now , regularly presents sound offerings privately and publicly in Tulum -Mexico- (Sanara’, Yaan Spa, Be Tulum and Nomade to mention few) , Milano (Italy) and Los Angeles (California) or wherever Spirit guides her.

In 2014, she founded SUHUY (sa-gra-do) Medicine for Body and Soul, a project that embodies all her passions: yoga, mayan culture, shamanism, sounds , sacred plants and energy work. In the same year, she started working at Sanara as studio coordinator, creating the Sanara studio program and event calendar. She also started studying medicine plants and herbs healing remedies with Maria Galindo in the magic of the Yucatan jungle. Her work has been mentioned in Yoga Journal, New York Times and Vogue Italia/ Vogue man issue. Alessandra still lives in the outskirt jungle of Tulum, the place where dreams come true.